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6-function spray gun

Plastic pistol nozzle chrome plated

2pcs shower nozzle set

2pcs 6-function spray gun set

2pcs adjustable spray gun set

2pcs 7-function spray gun set

2pcs adjustable spray gun set

4pcs 8-function spray gun set

4pcs 5-function spray gun set

5pcs basic hose connector w/TPR coated

3/4" 4pcs basic hose set

Three-arm rotating sprinkler with H-base

Plastic impulse sprinkler

Three-arm rotating sprinkler

Plastic impulse sprinkler w/spike

Telescopic plastic impulse sprinkler

6-function stationary sprinkler

Oscillating sprinkler with brass jets

8-pattern telescopic water wand

12L drop spreader w/aluminium handle

1/2" PVC garden hose set 30m

15m coil hose set

Hose reel cart set

Convenient hose reel set

Convenient hose reel set

Three-way hose coupling

Snap-in tap adaptor for 1/2 "-3/4 " tap

3/4" Brass hose basic set

Pressure sprayer

Pressure sprayer
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