Xi’an Will Co., Ltd. is a global and diversified international trading company and a supplier of tools & hardware, general merchandise, household necessities, industrial and consumer safety gears, electrical and mechanical equipment.

Helping to meet the needs of consumers worldwide, our Company has established ties with market-leading, well-known and widely trusted companies including TOYA S. A.(Poland), Electus Distribution PTY Ltd.(Australia), Saturn Ltd.(Russia), Benross Marketing Ltd(UK), Truper Herramientas (Mexico), Haili Trading Limited (U.S.A), ST. Escort(France), Louis Delius & Co. KG.(Germany), ODC Sarl.(Algeria), Multi Lines International Co. Ltd.(Hongkong) and other companies across the globe.

With our more than 50 categories, 3000 varieties of products supplied to more than 30 companies in approximately 30 countries, As we strive for even greater success, we look toward our customers’ goals to provide solutions to their equipment needs.

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